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Imperial Legal Solutions is about providing something more. Much like the imperial units of measure our business plan is to be more and do better than the competition.

Integrity: We promise communication. We will do what we say we will do. We will do it when we promise or sooner. If we can not do it we will honestly say so.

Ethical: We represent our client and the sheriff. We will act and behave as though they were both right behind us when we knock on someone's door.

Respect: We will protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and the servee. We are meeting people on what may turn out to be a very bad day for them. It serves no-one to make it more difficult.


Process Service: Accurate and reliable delivery of legal documents. Our Florida process servers serve your papers with the accuracy and integrity that your case requires. We effectuate service on people attempting to avoid service and provide the highest quality affidavits.

Private Investigations: Investigations aimed at finding solutions and facts for your peace of mind. We tailor our investigations to your needs to provide the best possible outcome for your case. We uncover the truth in a professional and reliable manner. License: C 1300480.

Skip Tracing: Locate individuals with the goal of delivering legal documents for service of process. To collect this information, we use a broad range of resources, from databases and online sources, or personally contacting individuals who may have further information on the subject. Our intensive detective work aims to provide the best location service available for serving papers.

Notary: Certification of legal contracts. We verify your legal documents by witnessing your signature in order to prevent fraud and prove free will. Our notarized documents are sealed and approved, so as to be upheld in a court or other legal standing so that the agreement is authenticated and executed.

Meet the Owner:

Hi! My name is Anna and I have been in and around the legal/ justice field for over twenty years. I started this business because I am not a nine to five person. Process serving and investigative work requires more from an individual. There is satisfaction knowing a job has been completed well and right. There is satisfaction knowing my profession and knowing the weight of responsibility.

As a business owner I promise to treat my contractors fairly and not based on favorites. I promise to move the clients work forward timely without sitting on it. I promise rush means rush. I promise my time, your time and the time of my contractors are all equally important. I will manage my business and I will ensure that business is managed.

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What is a process server?

A process server is an individual who is trained and experienced in effectively delivering legal documents for a court proceeding. Process servers delivery notice of legal action so that the individual may respond to the legal proceeding.

What is an affidavit?

An affidavit is a proof of service for process service for legal documents.

What are our levels of service?

We have three levels for process service:
Standard is an attempt within 3 days.
Rush is an attempt within 24 hours.
Priority is a same day attempt.

Why would I need a private investigator?

Private investigators cover a large amount of investigative ground, from background checks to criminal investigations. Private investigators can help provide the insight that your case requires, and offer peace of mind. Hiring a private investigator can help you discover more information essential to your business and personal life.

Our Advantage

Women have a “distinct advantage… because of their ability to multitask and are better at playing a role… and superior to men when it comes to reading situations… and suppressing their ego in order to attain the goal.” –Tamir Pardo, Director of Mossad, Israel’s National Intelligence Agency.

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